08 August, 2023
The Essential Guide: What to Expect at Your Baby’s First Pediatrician Visit

It’s finally here – the moment you’ve been anticipating since your little bundle of joy arrived. Your baby’s first pediatrician visit is an experience you wouldn’t want to overlook among the significant events in their journey! Below is a comprehensive guide to assist you in understanding what to anticipate during your baby’s initial visit.

Prepare for the Appointment

Conducting thorough research is crucial to be well-prepared with the correct inquiries and necessary details. Your pediatrician may require fundamental information about your child, including their name, age, and birth weight. Remember to carry any documents provided by the hospital or birthing center where your child was delivered.

Vital Signs

During the meeting, the physician will evaluate your baby’s vital indicators, including body temperature, heartbeat, and breathing rate. This evaluation is conducted using a tool known as a stethoscope, aiding in obtaining a precise assessment of your baby’s general well-being.

Physical Exam

The physician will also execute a physical examination of your infant. It entails examining their eyes, ears, nose, and throat, as well as measuring their head’s circumference and length.


During this scheduled meeting, you will delve into vaccinations’ significance and optimal timing. Your child’s doctor will provide insights regarding your infant’s suggested vaccines, elucidating their significance in the process.

Developmental Milestones

Your doctor will also enquire to ensure your baby meets their developmental milestones. They will inquire about your child’s milestones, such as the commencement of rolling over, lifting their head, and any other developmental activities observed since birth.


Your child’s doctor will also offer guidance on infant nutrition and feeding. It encompasses options like breastfeeding or using formula, as well as when and how to start incorporating solid foods. Additionally, they will advise on the appropriate intake of vital minerals and vitamins to ensure your baby’s well-being.

Bonding & Bondability

Your physician will discuss the significance of establishing a strong bond and emotional connection, underscoring their vital role in your baby’s development. Bonding denotes the powerful attachment between a parent and their child, while bondability signifies the capacity to form emotional links with others.

The inaugural trip of your baby to the pediatrician is a moment of anticipation! With a bit of advanced groundwork, you can ensure a seamless experience. It presents an excellent occasion to address any queries with your doctor and obtain a comprehensive evaluation of your baby’s well-being.

By adhering to the suggestions outlined in this blog, you can approach your baby’s initial pediatrician appointment with assurance, making it a positive encounter for both you and your little one!

25 January, 2022
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On a Sunday, I was able to book an appointment online for 12:00 noon the next day. I arrived 10 minutes early and found that the clinic is extremely efficient and beautiful inside. I walked out at 12:22 with having talked to a receptionist, nurse, got x-rays done and talked to a doctor. If I had gone to a hospital emergency room, the wait would have been 5 hours or more. At the clinic, I was and out in just over 30 minutes. I highly recommend this clinic for it’s efficiency and level of care.

Larry Kohut

My son had acute onset of face and head pain. The clinic booked us in, in less than 24hrs…..for context we couldn’t see his pediatrician until October.
When we arrived at the clinic the check in process was fast an efficient! We maybe waited 10 minutes then we were called to a room and seen by Dr. Gerald who was AMAZING. He was thorough and explained everything in terms we could understand. He did not force medication or uneeded services and explained what to do if things worsened. I wish he was our pediatrician!
We will definitely be using this clinic in the future.

Tanya Majnusz

I booked an appointment at noon. My information was taken and covid screening took place as soon as I walked in. I barely sat down before being brought to an examination room where I was promptly asked questions by a nurse. I was sent for an X-ray just across the hall (X-ray techs were out for lunch until 12:30, but promptly brought me in upon return. Quick and efficient X-ray process, then back to the clinic, where I was immediately directed to an examination room. I just waited a few moments before a doctor came in, asked a few questions, examined/tested my knee, gave me my X-ray results and shared my prognosis. Even with the short wait for the X-ray, I was in and out before my lunch hour was finished. Everyone in the process was friendly, helpful, professional, thorough and efficient. Very clean space. Recommended.

Oly Backstrom

Booked an appointment for my 7 year old. We got in quickly, and the nurse and doctor were both wonderful at making her feel comfortable. The receptionist was friendly and the office was big and very very clean. The online booking was easy to use, and the option to book a same day or next day appointment was wonderful. We will absolutely return to this clinic for our needs in the future.


Booked my appointment one day in advance, waited 10 minutes and then saw the doctor. Friendly staff/doctor and the place was nice inside and clean. Only had to wait a couple of days to hear back from the doctor from the lab results. Overall good first experience.


Dr. Kahani was fantastic with my son! Great bedside manner, very kind and gentle with him. Diagnosed his croup, prescribed the medication and gave me some very helpful hints to manage symptoms at home.

Miranda Turabian

First time there. Appt made 24 hrs ahead. I showed up 5 mins early for 4:15 appt. Waiting room empty. Three staff manning desk. Barely sat down when I was called in to triage. Explained my injury, X-Ray requisition printed, over to X-Ray across the hall, 3 mins there, back to office. Doc shows up 30 secs later, to examine, checks x-rays, diagnosis, prognosis and instructions, and on my way.
In and out in 14 minutes. Everyone was friendly, professional and efficient. Pretty remarkable, I’d say.

Kelly Parker

Took my child in and we saw Dr. Kabani, he is absolutely amazing with children and even took the time to engage with my other child who did not have an appointment. Both kids left with the biggest smiles . I wish we could have him as our regular pediatrician.

Amanda Todaro

This clinic is great having amazong doctors and X-ray right the next door. Dr. Katz did a great job consulting me this morning, provided recommendations and prescribtion for the wrist brace which helps a lot.

Oleg Yadroshnikov

I recently took my 15 year old daughter to the Minor Illness and Injury clinic because she injured her thumb. I was immediately impressed when we able to get an appointment for her the same day. The nurse that saw her was incredibly kind and seemed to ask all the right questions. My daughter was directed down the hall for an x-ray right away. She then came back and was seen by Dr. Kabani. He was amazing. Best bedside manner I have seen when dealing with a child. He was thorough and honest. From beginning to end we were there for 60 minutes. I would highly recommend the clinic for any minor injury. Beats waiting at the Children’s hospital for hours on end just to sit in a room waiting for another hour and then being rushed out without any real answers.

Vaughn Taylor